Coyne of the Realm Takes a Skeptical Look at Positive Psychology (eBook)

Coyne of the Realm Takes a Skeptical Look at Positive Psychology (eBook)

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Positive psychology is a social movement promoting a philosophy of life. We are told that by adopting a positive attitude, we can maximize our potential, improve our happiness and physical health, and increase our wealth and productivity. We can have it all and positivity is a moral responsibility. Delivering this message, positive psychology is also a multibillion-dollar business with a full range of merchandising from self-help books, corporate talks, and apps to an army of coaches offering advice.

Coyne of the Realm investigates positive psychology, cutting through false and exaggerated claims. The advantage of positive psychology is supposed to be its science. He exposes the dubious science of positive psychology with a merciless precision, claim by claim, study by study. But he provides careful explanations so that you can understand the process and probe the claims for yourself.

Coyne of the Realm also exposes the dark side of positive psychology. Positive psychology gives the illusion that mind can triumph over material circumstances and biology. The poor, the ill, the dying cancer patient have only themselves to blame. Coyne of the Realm does not propose a pessimism, but a realism and an awareness that if we try too hard to make ourselves happy, we will most likely make ourselves miserable.