Coyne of the Realm Takes a Skeptical Look at Mindfulness (eBook)

Coyne of the Realm Takes a Skeptical Look at Mindfulness (eBook)

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Practicing mindfulness is a valued routine for lots of people. They don’t need research to justify it. But mindfulness is increasingly recommended as a treatment in health care settings. It is offered in sometimes expensive programs, often with public funding and required participation. Promoters claim wondrous benefits, not only that mindfulness reduces stress and prevents depression, but that it increases health and productivity. Mindfulness is supposed to improve well-being and cognitive functioning, aid in losing weight and in wise holiday shopping, even slow the progression of cancer. It supposedly works by changing the brain, boosting the immune system, and increasing telomere length, reversing aging.

But is mindfulness more than a placebo and better than other things that we could do? Should practicing mindfulness be mandated? Mindfulness is now required in schools, at work, and in the military. In the classroom, can mindfulness programs actually get unruly children calm and paying attention? Are there better uses of scarce resources?

Coyne of the Realm takes a skeptical look at the claims for mindfulness and the science behind them. He traces the headlines back into the scientific literature in his inimitable style, wittingly challenging conclusions of bad research, but ultimately leaving you with strategies for judging mindfulness for yourself.