Coyne of the Realm on Becoming a Citizen Scientist (eBook)

Coyne of the Realm on Becoming a Citizen Scientist (eBook)

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We depend on the Internet for to alert us to new advances in treatment, provide an understanding of risks to our health, and aid our decisions about our medical care. Yet, information on the Internet is notoriously inaccurate. Some of it is simply naïve. Some of it is fake news generated with the intention of misleading and exploiting us. Bad medical information on the Internet instills false hope, leads to us buying quack treatments, accepting unnecessary restrictions on our lifestyles, and our asking for potentially harmful medical overtreatment. Bad medical information can kill.

Coyne of the Realm calls for arming citizen scientists with tools for screening and evaluating claims and evidence behind the claims. This e-book provides detailed examples, with principles and tools from which readers can choose according to their abilities. This e-book shows how to detect and probe signs of false news. It shows rules for recognizing and deferring to trusted authorities, when claims exceed our ability to evaluate them. Coyne of the Realm traces back claims in the social media to press releases and probes the journalism and the bad science behind them. Rich case studies entertain while informing, and rich links are provided to readers who want to learn more.