Quick Thoughts

Finding your redemptive self to become a workshop guru: Only in America?

Acceptance and commitment therapy’s Kelly Wilson and power poseur Amy Cuddy: What do they have in common?

What Jon Kabat-Zinn’s trademarking of MBSR means for mindfulness training.

Jon Kabat Zinn trademarked the acronym for mindfulness-based stress reduction. This could be worth millions in training drone pilots.

On receiving an offer to become a certified quack Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Therapist

How could resist an offer to be certified as being able to gently and rapidly collapse recent and long-standing clinical issues?

Guest blog post: Fact checking dubious therapy workshop adverts and presenters

This guest post is an excellent follow-up to my debunking of the neurononsense [1,2] used to promote psychotherapy trainings as being better and more closely tied to brain science than competitors. My good friend and neuroscientist Deborah Apthorp* wrote it, prompted by an email advertisement she received by way of her University staff email list. […]