Quick Thoughts

McDonaldization of Positive Psychology: On tour with Marty Seligman

Some scientist turn hucksters, making extravagant and seductive claims without sufficient corroborative evidence. Consumers are drawn in and pay the price, often without realizing that they have been had.

McMindful: Make money as a mindfulness trainer, no background or weekend retreat required.

A web-based training package promises to turn anyone quickly into a mindfulness trainer, regardless of background or previous training. Promoters of the package claim it is backed by more science than its competitors.

Dueling neurononsense: mindfulness training and gray matter

Contrasting two news items about brain changes suggests both are silly.

Happyism: Nick Brown’s Attaining national happiness through chemistry

  Donald Trump: “I don’t pursue happiness, I pursue money.” Phil: “why?” Donald Trump: “Because money buys me the things I want, such as material goods, and pretty women.” Phil: “And why do you want to get these things” Donald Trump: “Because they make me happy.” In Happyism: The Creepy New Economics of Pleasure, Deirdre […]