Quick Thoughts

RCT of a positive psychology intervention for people with newly diagnosed HIV

Should investigators burden people newly diagnosed with HIV with cumbersome and ineffective interventions?

Is it raining on the suicide prevention parade to point out that promising interventions are not effective?

Why we should try to prove ourselves wrong as quickly as possible when getting excited about ambitious programs to prevent suicide.

Dueling neurononsense: mindfulness training and gray matter

Contrasting two news items about brain changes suggests both are silly.

Why I am formally requesting the data set from a Cochrane review

Why I took the extraordinary step of requesting data from a Cochrane individual participant level meta-analysis

Did a study show expressing gratitude improves your physical health?

A brief probing of a study of practicing gratitude shows it did not demonstrate that being grateful benefits your health.

Can mental health professionals distinguish between washed and unwashed brains? The case of Patty Hearst revisited

Decades ago, mental health professionals testified that Patty Hearst had been brainwashed and should not be held responsible for her actions. In 2017, we can recognize this was junk science. But what if neuroscientists made claimed that brain scans could distinguish between washed and unwashed brains?

Must original investigators get authorship in re-analyses of their shared data?

Requiring original authors to get authorship in re-analyses of their shared data can compromise the independence of how the data are interpreted.

Unlocking paywalled research papers: Two big steps forward, two steps back

Some innovations make easier to get open access versions of paywalled articles. But for-profit publishers want to keep readers dependent on paywalled articles and pay for access.

What can we learn from an expensive but futile trial of interventions to improve child mental health?

Why is no one speaking out against wasteful mental health interventions in schools that are already underfunded and lacking in mental health services?