Quick Thoughts

Is it raining on the suicide prevention parade to point out that promising interventions are not effective?

Why we should try to prove ourselves wrong as quickly as possible when getting excited about ambitious programs to prevent suicide.

Anti-stigma campaigns as a solution to the crisis of mental health care

UK Prime Minister advocates anti-stigma campaign, not more funds to solve crisis of mental health care.

Use of scales to assess risk for a suicide attempt wastes valuable clinical resources

Standardized tools for assessing risk of suicide did not perform very well in a new study.

Airplane pilot mental health and suicidal thoughts: Original article generated bad media coverage

Investigating exaggerated claims in the media about an article on mental health and suicidal thoughts and airline pilots I discovered the source of the distortions were the original article.

Storing the mentally ill and suicidal persons in the new asylums

Without adequate inpatient beds or intensive supportive mental health services in the community, increasingly jails and prisons have become the new asylum .

Means restriction to prevent suicide in the LA County Jail: the safety smock

The anti-suicide smock is the new straitjacket to prevent suicide in jails

Too much ado about church attendance and suicide rates among women

Widely publicized study of church attendance and suicide is less impressive than it first looks.

Innocent and cynical emotional appeals for suicide prevention programs

The inevitable wastefulness of suicide prevention programs – The innocent and the cynical make emotional appeals for suicide prevention programs. Open-minded citizen-scientists ask for simple numbers to do some calculations. Obtaining these numbers, they come to inevitable conclusions. This blog post shows you how to analyze emotional appeals for suicide prevention programs, whether they are […]

Preventing suicide in all the wrong ways

My introduction to a guest post by D.J. Jaffe DJ Jaffe is Executive Director, Mental Illness Policy Organization and his op-eds appear in the New York Times, Washington Post, Sacramento Bee, New York Daily News, New York Post, San Diego Union Tribune, Albany Times Union and numerous other publications. Read more about him here. You […]