Quick Thoughts

Writing papers and grants during the holidays: An informal international conversation

Whether and how academics should write papers and grants during the holidays is a complex issue. Any advice whether they should must be qualified by a huge “It depends.”

Rising early career female academics and second-to-last authorship

Are female early career academics getting less credit for work done on behalf of (usually male) faculty  who get unearned senior authorship?

Last ditch attempt to block publication of special issue of Journal of Health Psychology foiled

Publication of the special issue of Journal of Health Psychology will go forward as planned on Monday July 31.

Is your manuscript ready for uberized readers and radically changed journal websites?

Publishers are spending millions revamping journal websites. What were formerly simple portals where you accessed articles are being radically redesigned as online content delivery platforms. How does that affect your submission of manuscripts?

A bad abstract is good enough to be published in Journal of Experimental Psychology: General

Readers deserve an informative abstract, but uninformative abstracts that leave out key details of a study can often succeed in getting published in prestigious journals.

Overcoming perverse disincentives to honest, transparent reporting of science

Early career investigators can give a fresh perspective on overcoming barriers to honest, transparent reporting of science

Coyne of the Realm on the Daily Show and teaching scientific writing

Being part of the laugh track for the Daily Show gave me some ideas for teaching my science writing workshop.

Accessibility of psychology papers: Will you sign the More Open Access Pledge?

In an ideal world, our knowledge would be of high quality and it would be accessible to all. This guest blogpost is about an initiative to speed up accessibility: the More Open Access Pledge. I’m hoping that you will sign up and encourage others to do so too. Introducing Eva Alisic Our guest blogger is […]