Quick Thoughts

When promoting cognitive behavior therapy for fibromyalgia is quackery

A probing of a story about fibromyalgia popping in my Facebook feed revealed incredible misleading claims and dips into quackery

Is mindfulness training the new “gateway drug” to quack breast cancer treatments?

Promoters of mindfulness-based stress reduction(MBSR) as a cure for all that ails to be clear that effects MBSR on the immune system and the course and outcome of cancer are not established

No, irritable bowel syndrome is not all in your head.

Updated May 22, 2016. I have added an opening summary, as well as a few links for readers who may want to learn more about IBS as a physical health problem about which we are learning a lot, not a mental health issue. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) has symptoms in common with other physical conditions. […]

Experts weigh in on Suzanne O’Sullivan’s commentary on imaginary illness in The Lancet

Google Suzanne O’Sullivan and you will find lots of coverage of her book that won the Wellcome Book Prize, but you will not find peer-reviewed articles that she authored. The same thing will happen if you Google Scholar her, where you just get lots of articles that were not written by her.  As a neurologist […]

Guest blog reviewing Suzanne O’Sullivan’s It’s All in Your Head With an Introduction

Suzanne O’Sullivan’s It’s All in Your Head may have won the Wellcome Book Prize, but mental health professionals like Simon Wessely are notably silent – despite O’Sullivan advocating the same policies they promote. An endorsement of the book from a professional who should know better represents either blind loyalty to a particular point of view, […]

The illusion you will be able bodied forever and the limits of empathy

I have to remind myself again of the pitfalls of trying to communicate complex ideas within 140 character tweets. The other day I failed again. I hereby recommit to the rule that if communication is going badly in tweets, maybe retreat to writing a blog post. So here the blog post goes, because I think […]