Quick Thoughts

Rising early career female academics and second-to-last authorship

Are female early career academics getting less credit for work done on behalf of (usually male) faculty  who get unearned senior authorship?

A dog ate the “fishy business” data for article in Science : What can be done?

Actually, not a dog, but it is an equally lame story: A thief allegedly made off with the only copy of the data from study critics claim never happened. What can be done?

Part 2: What to look for in a Special Issue of Journal of Health Psychology concerning the PACE trial

Summaries and links to eight additional contributions to the special issue of Journal of Health Psychology on the controversial PACE trial.

Go ahead, former  member of the Journal of Health Psychology editorial board, make my day

After failing to intimidate the rest of the editorial board, one member resigned from the Journal of Health Psychology. I am providing a blind review of a paper submitted by her and encourage her to make the paper publicly available in a repository. I recently joined the editorial board of the Journal of Health Psychology. It […]

Breaking News: PLOS One issues Expression of Concern for PACE trial paper

The authors and Queen Mary University of London shared the data policy in place at the institution, however we consider that aspects of the existing framework impose limitations and conditions not aligned with our editorial policy.

Is something rotten in brain stimulation research?

Studies of the brain stimulation method called transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) could suffer from pervasive questionable research practices.

Why I am formally requesting the data set from a Cochrane review

Why I took the extraordinary step of requesting data from a Cochrane individual participant level meta-analysis

Must original investigators get authorship in re-analyses of their shared data?

Requiring original authors to get authorship in re-analyses of their shared data can compromise the independence of how the data are interpreted.

Five more journals hacked by Russian homeopathic company

PLOS One was not alone in publishing a stealth homeopathy article. At least five other journals were duped.

Stealth homeopathy article makes it into PLOS One where it will probably remain

Clever authors got a homeopathy article published in PLOS One. They did not mention homeopathy in the article.

Could I critically evaluate the published results of the PACE trial without the raw data?

The small amount of data from a clinical trial that was released and reanalyzed suggests that all the data from the trial should be publicly available.

Don’t bother to apply: PACE investigators issue guidance for researchers requesting access to data

Authors's proposed guidelines for sharing data are intended to protect them from reputational damage arising from reanalysis of their data.