Quick Thoughts

Conflict of interest in manuscript peer-review: Expert opinions

Discussion of a recent court case concerning a peer reviewer who failed to disclose a conflict of interest has broader application.

Journal of Health Psychology Editor responds to misrepresentations by Cochrane author in Mental Elf blog

A Cochrane review author made a number of false claims in his Mental Elf blog post about why his manuscript about PACEgate was rejected by the Journal of Health Psychology.

Last ditch attempt to block publication of special issue of Journal of Health Psychology foiled

Publication of the special issue of Journal of Health Psychology will go forward as planned on Monday July 31.

Much of the discussion of the “conceptual penis” paper is flaccid

A lot of what is being written about "The conceptual penis as a social construct" paper is right wing, anti-intellectual nonsense. We should move on.

Patients writing about their health condition were abused by a peer reviewer and silenced by The BMJ

Should patients submitting manuscripts concerning health conditions provide proof of their diagnoses, such as medical records or letters from their physicians? Should The BMJ apologize to these patients and their academic collaborator co-authors, given that no such apology has been forthcoming from the Action Editor?

Should The BMJ silence authors who were abused by a reviewer?

The BMJ should not break its promise of open peer review. The journal should not intimidate authors who have abused by reviewers.

A bad abstract is good enough to be published in Journal of Experimental Psychology: General

Readers deserve an informative abstract, but uninformative abstracts that leave out key details of a study can often succeed in getting published in prestigious journals.

If open reviewing hasn’t come to a journal asking you to review…post your review on the internet

Advocate for open publishing posts his reviews on the internet. He may have a solid rationale.

Overcoming perverse disincentives to honest, transparent reporting of science

Early career investigators can give a fresh perspective on overcoming barriers to honest, transparent reporting of science

UK expert: AIDS data should not be shared until requesters shown to be HIV-

Sometimes activists fail to appreciate the difference between activists and journalists. Activists seek to advance a particular point of view. They may become impatient and even intolerant of those who disagree with them. Responsible journalists, in contrast, allow a diversity of viewpoints to be expressed through their writings. They often resort to direct quotes to […]

Ten suggestions to the new associate editors of Psychological Science

Steps associate editors could take to reduce journal’s emission of faulty science. I would no sooner  become an associate editor for a journal of ill repute anymore than I would become the night manager for the Mustang Ranch. In both cases I might be able to affect positive change, but my aims would be so […]

What it takes for Queen Mary to declare a request for scientific data “vexatious”

We need Lewis Carroll’s Humpty Dumpty to understand It is a matter of public record  that Anna Sheridan made this Freedom of Information request to Queen Mary, University of London: From: Anna Sheridan 1 November 2015 Dear Queen Mary, University of London, I would like to request, for each of the 4 treatment arms of […]