Quick Thoughts

Psychological interventions do not reduce pain, despite claims of proponents

A provocative review finds a “lack of strong supporting empirical evidence for the effectiveness of psychological treatments for pain management.”

Patients writing about their health condition were abused by a peer reviewer and silenced by The BMJ

Should patients submitting manuscripts concerning health conditions provide proof of their diagnoses, such as medical records or letters from their physicians? Should The BMJ apologize to these patients and their academic collaborator co-authors, given that no such apology has been forthcoming from the Action Editor?

Should The BMJ silence authors who were abused by a reviewer?

The BMJ should not break its promise of open peer review. The journal should not intimidate authors who have abused by reviewers.

If open reviewing hasn’t come to a journal asking you to review…post your review on the internet

Advocate for open publishing posts his reviews on the internet. He may have a solid rationale.