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Part 2: What to look for in a Special Issue of Journal of Health Psychology concerning the PACE trial

Summaries and links to eight additional contributions to the special issue of Journal of Health Psychology on the controversial PACE trial.

Unlocking paywalled research papers: Two big steps forward, two steps back

Some innovations make easier to get open access versions of paywalled articles. But for-profit publishers want to keep readers dependent on paywalled articles and pay for access.

Dutch University goes green, requires all researchers to make publications freely available

The Dutch University of Groningen now requires that all scientific peer-reviewed papers be freely available to all.

Saving oneself from the clutches of a predatory journal: A case study

An author submitted a manuscript in response to an email offering quick peer review. No fee was mention. The manuscript was quickly accepted, but the author received a hefty bill and no reviews. What happened next...

Overcoming perverse disincentives to honest, transparent reporting of science

Early career investigators can give a fresh perspective on overcoming barriers to honest, transparent reporting of science

Too much ado about church attendance and suicide rates among women

Widely publicized study of church attendance and suicide is less impressive than it first looks.

Accessibility of psychology papers: Will you sign the More Open Access Pledge?

In an ideal world, our knowledge would be of high quality and it would be accessible to all. This guest blogpost is about an initiative to speed up accessibility: the More Open Access Pledge. I’m hoping that you will sign up and encourage others to do so too. Introducing Eva Alisic Our guest blogger is […]

Update on my formal request for release of the PACE trial data

Administrative staff at PLOS asked me to inform them if I had any difficulties obtaining the data that I had formally requested from the authors of the PLOS article. Here is my reply – The deadline that the authors’ university has set for responding to my request has passed. The university has not responded to […]