Quick Thoughts

Is something rotten in brain stimulation research?

Studies of the brain stimulation method called transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) could suffer from pervasive questionable research practices.

Dueling neurononsense: mindfulness training and gray matter

Contrasting two news items about brain changes suggests both are silly.

I reply to John Grohl’s “PLOS blogger calls out PLOS One –Huh?”

Apparently John Grohl was taken aback by my criticism of neurononsense in a PLOS One article.  I am pleased at gaining recognition at his highly accessed blog, but I think he was at least a bit confused about what was going on. The following comment is left at his blog post for approval. John, thank […]

Deconstructing misleading media coverage of neuroscience of couples therapy

Do we owe psychotherapists something more than noble lies and fairy tales in our translations of fMRI results? The press release below was placed on the web by the University of Ottawa and refers to an article published in PLOS One. As I have noted in blog posts here and here, the PLOS One article […]

Tools for Debunking Neuro-Nonsense About Psychotherapy

The second in my two-part blog post at PLOS Mind the Brain involves assisting readers to do some debunking of bad neuoscience for themselves. The particular specimen is neurononsense intended to promote emotionally focused psychotherapy (EFT) to the unwary. A promotional video and press releases drawing upon a PLOS One article were aimed to wow […]