Quick Thoughts

An American academic attempting to attend a PhD defense treated as a refugee at Schiphol, the Amsterdam airport

A Dutch academic colleague tells his experience attempting to rescue an American researcher arriving to attend a PhD ceremony who was denied entry at Schiphol. Post-Brexit British academics, this could happen to you.

Develop a life-threatening illness before tenure, lose your faculty position and your health-insurance

Another revealing story of just how  vulnerable Americans are with respect to health insurance and security of employment when they become ill.

Glimpses into the assault on data sharing

…Exempting Universities from the FOIA would achieve that. Exempting scientific research data produced by Universities and other higher educational institutes might be a workable alternative.” – Peter White, Principal Investigator, PACE trial Little attention is being given to a serious and sustained assault on the sharing of data from research conducted in the UK. Another […]

Ringing in the New Year and looking ahead

It’s been a wild year. Looking back, I certainly couldn’t have anticipated what’s happening now from last New Year’s. And I am not sure that any predictions about the next year from the vantage point of tonight will prove any more accurate. As expected, I went off to Scotland in March for a Carnegie Centenary […]

Recognizing when “protecting patient privacy” is mere excuse for not sharing data

In bringing up “protecting patient privacy”  in refusing to release the PACE trial data published in PLOS One, King’s College, London is doing the Shuck ‘N’ Jive. As covered in a recent blog post, King’s College London issued a press release reiterating their refusal to release the PACE PLOS One data. A close read of […]

King’s College London stalls some more, reiterating refusal to release the PACE trial data

“We stand by our decisions to decline two recent applications for trial data as we believe that they did not meet these requirements.” In a press release dated December 18, 2015 Kings College London, reiterated its refusal to release the PACE trial data. This continued refusal is despite the PACE investigators having promised to share […]

PLOS One response to concerns about King’s College refusal to share PACE data.

The PLOS administrative staff have responded to recent concerns expressed about the PACE investigators not providing me with the data that they had promised would be available as a condition for the investigators publishing in PLOS One. I have provided details of my request for the data here. You can see that although I am […]

Why I don’t know how PLOS will respond to authors’ refusal to release data

The simple answer is that I am not involved in the decision-making process and it is a bit opaque to me.

Formal request to PLOS One to issue an Expression of Concern for PACE cost-effectiveness study

  Kudos to Dutch research biologist Klaas van Dijk. for his letter to PLOS One: Dear Editors of PLOS One, Attached is a formal letter from King’s College in London (UK) in which it is stated that King’s College in London is unwilling to release to Professor James Coyne (in cc) the primary research data of http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0040808 Such […]

Update on my formal request for release of the PACE trial data

Administrative staff at PLOS asked me to inform them if I had any difficulties obtaining the data that I had formally requested from the authors of the PLOS article. Here is my reply – The deadline that the authors’ university has set for responding to my request has passed. The university has not responded to […]

What it takes for Queen Mary to declare a request for scientific data “vexatious”

We need Lewis Carroll’s Humpty Dumpty to understand It is a matter of public record  that Anna Sheridan made this Freedom of Information request to Queen Mary, University of London: From: Anna Sheridan 1 November 2015 Dear Queen Mary, University of London, I would like to request, for each of the 4 treatment arms of […]