Quick Thoughts

CDC – Don’t just discreetly change recommendations for treating chronic fatigue syndrome, publicize the changes!

  No one is going to notice important changes to Center for Disease Control recommendations for treating chronic fatigue syndrome unless explanations are often and disseminated. Unless you stumbled on it by accident, you had to be a routine watcher of the CDC website to have noticed a discrete last summer in the agency’s recommendations […]

Why patients should not enroll in a clinical trial of video gaming treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome

Patients have right to decline to participate in a clinical trial that is scientifically unsound, likely to contribute misinformation to the existing scientific literature, and that has unresolved safety concerns.

Innocent and cynical emotional appeals for suicide prevention programs

The inevitable wastefulness of suicide prevention programs – The innocent and the cynical make emotional appeals for suicide prevention programs. Open-minded citizen-scientists ask for simple numbers to do some calculations. Obtaining these numbers, they come to inevitable conclusions. This blog post shows you how to analyze emotional appeals for suicide prevention programs, whether they are […]

David Cameron’s call for “more mature” conversation about mental health should get more evidence-based

Focusing on reducing suicide in pregnancy suggests a serious misdirection of scarce funds. UK Prime Minister’s plans may make a dysfunctional system of depression care even more dysfunctional. UK Prime Minister Cameron will pledge extra mental health support [http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-35276854 ] with a call for a “more mature” conversation about mental health. The BBC News coverage […]

No Dissing! NHS Choices Behind the Headlines needs to repair relationship with its readers

A knight in tarnished amour Although by no means perfectly dependable, the NHS Choices Behind the Headlines is generally a useful resource for lay and professional consumers bombarded by distorted coverage of science and health information in the media. I cheered the headline and NHS Choices Behind the Headlines’ coverage  of a PLOS Medicine article […]