Quick Thoughts

Dueling neurononsense: mindfulness training and gray matter

Contrasting two news items about brain changes suggests both are silly.

About that study evaluating mindfulness that you are reading…

We can say a lot about studies of mindfulness without even knowing which study we are discussing.

Comments from a Buddhist about mindfulness as a therapeutic practice

A Buddhist practitioner mindfulness questions whether the technique is meant to be therapeutic.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction to improve the mental health of breast cancer patients

A widely cited meta analysis of mindfulness based stress reduction for cancer patients actually shows little evidence of effectiveness.

Contemplating American hype: Donald Trump and Barbara Fredrickson

Draws similarities between a spoof of the self-promotion of Donald Trump and successful grant writing

Are mindfulness and cognitive behavioral interventions for smoking cessation obsolete?

Why did a trial of intensive mindfulness-based treatment and cognitive behavior therapy produce null results?

Is mindfulness training the new “gateway drug” to quack breast cancer treatments?

Promoters of mindfulness-based stress reduction(MBSR) as a cure for all that ails to be clear that effects MBSR on the immune system and the course and outcome of cancer are not established

A systematic review of mindfulness-based stress reduction for fibromyalgia that I really like

This systematic review is honest. It found low quality evidence for a small short term improvement of pain and quality of life after MBSR for fibromyalgia, when compared to usual care or active control interventions. No evidence was found for long-term effects.

PLOS One allows authors of experimercial undeclared conflicts of interest, restrictions on access to data

While checking what PLOS One had done to address my complaints about authors’ repeated undeclared conflicts of interest, I made some troubling discoveries. The PLOS One Academic Editor for one of the papers  was from Harvard Medical School, the same as the offending authors. PLOS One had agreed to absurd restrictions on the availability of […]

Psychologists get continued education credit for learning quack methods of mind control over aging and cancer

The scandal of useless and even harmful continued education credit Psychologists can get continued education credit for completing an online test concerning Ellen Langer’s book, Counterclockwise. The book explains how to reverse aging and fight cancer by getting people immersed in an earlier time by listening to older music and watching old television programs. Psychologists […]

Guest blog post: Fact checking dubious therapy workshop adverts and presenters

This guest post is an excellent follow-up to my debunking of the neurononsense [1,2] used to promote psychotherapy trainings as being better and more closely tied to brain science than competitors. My good friend and neuroscientist Deborah Apthorp* wrote it, prompted by an email advertisement she received by way of her University staff email list. […]