Quick Thoughts

Probing the claim a black, working-class man would have to call 80 psychotherapists to get an appointment.

Study of returned calls from psychotherapists for requests for first appointments got lots of attention in social media but were claims accurate?

At least 3 reasons you don’t have to read Understanding Psychosis and Schizophrenia 2

Has the British Psychological Society lost its audience for misrepresentatingn of serious mental disorder?

Is acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) in a post-evidence phase?

Recent interviews with three founders of ACT make little reference to evidence, but a lot of reaching for roles as gurus, not as trainers in an evidence-based therapy.

How APA’s rating of acceptance and commitment therapy for psychosis got downgraded from “strong” to “modest” efficacy

My blog post a few years ago caused a downgrading of ACT for psychosis that stuck. This shows the meaninglessness of APA ratings of psychotherapies as evidence-supported.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) comes to high schools

  A relatively large scale cluster-randomized controlled trial of acceptance and commitment therapy was implemented in Dutch high schools. Across 11 outcome variables, there were no significant effects in main or subgroup analyses. Transparent reporting of a thoroughly null trial was marred only by a non sequitur statement in the last sentence of the abstract […]

What Jon Kabat-Zinn’s trademarking of MBSR means for mindfulness training.

Jon Kabat Zinn trademarked the acronym for mindfulness-based stress reduction. This could be worth millions in training drone pilots.

On receiving an offer to become a certified quack Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Therapist

How could resist an offer to be certified as being able to gently and rapidly collapse recent and long-standing clinical issues?

What can we learn from an expensive but futile trial of interventions to improve child mental health?

Why is no one speaking out against wasteful mental health interventions in schools that are already underfunded and lacking in mental health services?

Anti-stigma campaigns as a solution to the crisis of mental health care

UK Prime Minister advocates anti-stigma campaign, not more funds to solve crisis of mental health care.

Use of scales to assess risk for a suicide attempt wastes valuable clinical resources

Standardized tools for assessing risk of suicide did not perform very well in a new study.

A study of adolescent depression in Lancet Psychiatry that simply doesn’t make sense

The numbers from a study of teen depression in Lancet Psychiatry don't add up