Quick Thoughts

Psychological interventions do not reduce pain, despite claims of proponents

A provocative review finds a “lack of strong supporting empirical evidence for the effectiveness of psychological treatments for pain management.”

Asserting privilege: PACE investigators’ request that their manuscript not be peer reviewed or receive replies

After demanding parts of an article published in the Journal of Health Psychology be retracted, the PACE investigators requested their response be published without peer review and with no comments allowed.

Should NIH pull the plug on underperforming big ideas?

If NIH priorities do not demonstrate payoffs in reduced morbidity and mortality, should they be defunded?

Why the Cochrane Collaboration needs to clean up conflicts of interest

A recent failure to correct a systematic review and meta-analysis demonstrates that Cochrane’s problem with conflict of interest is multilayered. Cochrane  enlists thousands of volunteers committed to the evaluation of evidence independent of the interests of the investigators who conducted trials. Cochrane is vigilant in requiring declaration of conflicts of interest but is inconsistent in […]