Quick Thoughts

Unethical: Why Bristol University SMILE trial should not have been conducted with chronically ill children

If it should have been conducted at all, the first clinical trial of Lightning Process should not have been conducted with chronically ill children. Safety and efficacy had neither been established with adults, nor healthy children.

Don’t bother to apply: PACE investigators issue guidance for researchers requesting access to data

Authors's proposed guidelines for sharing data are intended to protect them from reputational damage arising from reanalysis of their data.

Bristol Uni refuses to disclose how much money paid for quack therapy in SMILE clinical trial

University of Bristol refuses to disclose how much money was paid for quack Lightning Process treatment in clinical trial that remains on published.

QMUL responds to UK Tribunal ordering release of PACE chronic fatigue syndrome trial data

Stakeholders from around the world are responding to UK Tribunal ordering sharing with public of data from the PACE chronic fatigue syndrome trial data.

Why patients should not enroll in a clinical trial of video gaming treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome

Patients have right to decline to participate in a clinical trial that is scientifically unsound, likely to contribute misinformation to the existing scientific literature, and that has unresolved safety concerns.

No, irritable bowel syndrome is not all in your head.

Updated May 22, 2016. I have added an opening summary, as well as a few links for readers who may want to learn more about IBS as a physical health problem about which we are learning a lot, not a mental health issue. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) has symptoms in common with other physical conditions. […]