Quick Thoughts

What?! Homeopathy and acupuncture for symptoms of autism

  Let’s get the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) to stop publicizing junk studies of acupuncture for symptoms of autism intended to exploit parents NOW.     Changes are ordered by Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) in the Facebook Page advertising acupuncture for autism. Yet, an enterprising journal editor got the AAAS’s […]

Is psychodynamic therapy an evidence-supported treatment? Critical look at a systematic review raises doubts.

Sometimes authors misapply principles of evidence-based medicine appraisal when their interests and livelihood depend on getting it wrong. This could serve as an example. Leichsenring, F., Luyten, P., Hilsenroth, M. J., Abbass, A., Barber, J. P., Keefe, J. R., … & Steinert, C. (2015). Psychodynamic therapy meets evidence-based medicine: a systematic review using updated criteria. […]

How committed is British clinical psychology to science and evidence?

Although some psychoanalysts claim I am part of a plot of CBT proponents against them, I am not and have never been a CBT therapist. Indeed, Aaron T Beck and I became friends because of his overtures and appreciation for my sustained critique of his cognitive therapy for depression. I respect the commitment of American […]

Disposing of studies not showing psychotherapy improves the survival of cancer patients

Recent reviews in British Journal of Health Psychology and Psycho-Oncology conclude that cancer patients live longer as a result of getting psychotherapy, a claim the American Cancer Society already considers discredited. The reviews arrived at this positive assessment by distorting the available evidence and outright ignoring some well-designed, but negative studies. Claims of mind beating […]