Quick Thoughts

The pitfalls of complaining about those in power: the Committee on Publication Ethics’ handling of an authorship dispute unsatisfactorily resolved by a university

We shouldn’t expect any other outcome when a former PhD student complains to COPE. Note how the university stacked the deck in defining rules for how these disputes are resolved.

Rising early career female academics and second-to-last authorship

Are female early career academics getting less credit for work done on behalf of (usually male) faculty  who get unearned senior authorship?

“1 in 2 cancer patients significantly distressed”? Fake news from Psycho-Oncology

Study in Wiley journal Psycho-Oncology generates fake facts to promote cancer as a mental health problem and portray cancer patients in need of mandatory screening for distress.

Saving oneself from the clutches of a predatory journal: A case study

An author submitted a manuscript in response to an email offering quick peer review. No fee was mention. The manuscript was quickly accepted, but the author received a hefty bill and no reviews. What happened next...