Quick Thoughts

“1 in 2 cancer patients significantly distressed”? Fake news from Psycho-Oncology

Study in Wiley journal Psycho-Oncology generates fake facts to promote cancer as a mental health problem and portray cancer patients in need of mandatory screening for distress.

Deconstructing misleading media coverage of neuroscience of couples therapy

Do we owe psychotherapists something more than noble lies and fairy tales in our translations of fMRI results? The press release below was placed on the web by the University of Ottawa and refers to an article published in PLOS One. As I have noted in blog posts here and here, the PLOS One article […]

Tools for Debunking Neuro-Nonsense About Psychotherapy

The second in my two-part blog post at PLOS Mind the Brain involves assisting readers to do some debunking of bad neuoscience for themselves. The particular specimen is neurononsense intended to promote emotionally focused psychotherapy (EFT) to the unwary. A promotional video and press releases drawing upon a PLOS One article were aimed to wow […]

Interventions for the Family in Chronic Illness: A Meta-Analysis I like

This slide presentation comes from a Critical Appraisal Class that I teach in the Health Psychology Section at the University Medical Ctr., Groningen (UMCG). It analyzes a meta-analysis that I particularly liked for its transparent, straightforward analysis of the literature concerning interventions for families of adult patients with chronic illnesses. You can find the actual […]