Quick Thoughts

Is acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) in a post-evidence phase?

Recent interviews with three founders of ACT make little reference to evidence, but a lot of reaching for roles as gurus, not as trainers in an evidence-based therapy.

When promoting cognitive behavior therapy for fibromyalgia is quackery

A probing of a story about fibromyalgia popping in my Facebook feed revealed incredible misleading claims and dips into quackery

What?! Homeopathy and acupuncture for symptoms of autism

  Let’s get the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) to stop publicizing junk studies of acupuncture for symptoms of autism intended to exploit parents NOW.     Changes are ordered by Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) in the Facebook Page advertising acupuncture for autism. Yet, an enterprising journal editor got the AAAS’s […]

What can we learn from an expensive but futile trial of interventions to improve child mental health?

Why is no one speaking out against wasteful mental health interventions in schools that are already underfunded and lacking in mental health services?

Health misinformation in the news: The role of the scholarly community

Academics should be made accountable for exaggerated claims in their press releases.

Couch potato shaming: New York Times’ click bait, fear mongering campaign against sedentary behavior

Why the New York Times is trying to scare you about being a couch potato

Airplane pilot mental health and suicidal thoughts: Original article generated bad media coverage

Investigating exaggerated claims in the media about an article on mental health and suicidal thoughts and airline pilots I discovered the source of the distortions were the original article.

What should be done about the MEGA (ME/CFS Epidemiology and Genetics Alliance) project? Concerns and response

The MEGA (ME/CFS Epidemiology and Genetics Alliance) promises to be an extremely important scientific project, but important issues remain before patients can comfortably participate.

No, irritable bowel syndrome is not all in your head.

Updated May 22, 2016. I have added an opening summary, as well as a few links for readers who may want to learn more about IBS as a physical health problem about which we are learning a lot, not a mental health issue. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) has symptoms in common with other physical conditions. […]

Why the Cochrane Collaboration needs to clean up conflicts of interest

A recent failure to correct a systematic review and meta-analysis demonstrates that Cochrane’s problem with conflict of interest is multilayered. Cochrane  enlists thousands of volunteers committed to the evaluation of evidence independent of the interests of the investigators who conducted trials. Cochrane is vigilant in requiring declaration of conflicts of interest but is inconsistent in […]