Quick Thoughts

NJ Psychological Association challenges APA Clinical Practice Guideline for the Treatment of PTSD

NJPA statement reflects concerns of psychodynamic therapistswho fear the loss of their livelihood, insurance companies not funding their work, and the opportunity for clients to receive psychodynamic and other treatments that were not included. The statement also suggests that all treatments yield results and that RCT’s should not have been as strongly considered in the development of the Guideline.

Probing the claim a black, working-class man would have to call 80 psychotherapists to get an appointment.

Study of returned calls from psychotherapists for requests for first appointments got lots of attention in social media but were claims accurate?

How APA’s rating of acceptance and commitment therapy for psychosis got downgraded from “strong” to “modest” efficacy

My blog post a few years ago caused a downgrading of ACT for psychosis that stuck. This shows the meaninglessness of APA ratings of psychotherapies as evidence-supported.

Can mental health professionals distinguish between washed and unwashed brains? The case of Patty Hearst revisited

Decades ago, mental health professionals testified that Patty Hearst had been brainwashed and should not be held responsible for her actions. In 2017, we can recognize this was junk science. But what if neuroscientists made claimed that brain scans could distinguish between washed and unwashed brains?

Spokesperson clarifies that American Psychological Association does not endorse routine data sharing

American Psychological Association establishes it does not support routine data sharing, put serious restrictions on reanalysis of data from papers published in APA journals.

How competition between APS and APA for prestige fueled the crisis of reproducibility in psychology

This blog post is truly a quick thought that needs refinement. I invite comments and criticisms, and particularly suggestions for more links and details to what I believe is an important message. Please correct me where you believe I am wrong or exaggerating.  Counting papers is “a great way to measure whether a scientist puts […]