Quick Thoughts

Appeal to NICE concerning the Guideline Committee for ME/CFS

"Anyone can sign. Please do. The letter is going off with a couple of dozen signatures, but the petition is open to all."

Coyne of the Realm’s open letter to the National Health and Research Medical Centre (NHMRC) of Australia

To put it bluntly:  detection and diagnosis, as well as research and public policy concerning Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) in Australia are a disaster. There is a high likelihood of the situation becoming worse.

Unethical: Why Bristol University SMILE trial should not have been conducted with chronically ill children

If it should have been conducted at all, the first clinical trial of Lightning Process should not have been conducted with chronically ill children. Safety and efficacy had neither been established with adults, nor healthy children.

CDC – Don’t just discreetly change recommendations for treating chronic fatigue syndrome, publicize the changes!

  No one is going to notice important changes to Center for Disease Control recommendations for treating chronic fatigue syndrome unless explanations are often and disseminated. Unless you stumbled on it by accident, you had to be a routine watcher of the CDC website to have noticed a discrete last summer in the agency’s recommendations […]

What?! Homeopathy and acupuncture for symptoms of autism

  Let’s get the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) to stop publicizing junk studies of acupuncture for symptoms of autism intended to exploit parents NOW.     Changes are ordered by Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) in the Facebook Page advertising acupuncture for autism. Yet, an enterprising journal editor got the AAAS’s […]

Breaking News: PLOS One issues Expression of Concern for PACE trial paper

The authors and Queen Mary University of London shared the data policy in place at the institution, however we consider that aspects of the existing framework impose limitations and conditions not aligned with our editorial policy.

Must original investigators get authorship in re-analyses of their shared data?

Requiring original authors to get authorship in re-analyses of their shared data can compromise the independence of how the data are interpreted.

Donate unwanted statistics and methodology books to an international resource center

It is very cheap to donate books to a great project, especially if you live in the US or Canada, a bit more expense if you do not. Regardless, please read on. This is a follow up to my recent blog post about an opportunity to donate statistics and methodology books to the Serageldin Library […]

Couch potato shaming: New York Times’ click bait, fear mongering campaign against sedentary behavior

Why the New York Times is trying to scare you about being a couch potato

Most positive findings in psychology false or exaggerated? An activist’s perspective

Abstract of a  talk to be given at the Australian National University (ANU), room G08, Building  39, 3pm September  11, 2014. UPDATE (October 24, 2014): Here is a link to the Powerpoint presentation and to a YouTube interview with ANU Research School of Psychology’s Professor Mike Smithson. A list of relevant links to James Coyne’s […]