On being asked to pay $31.50 to see my new article in a Elsevier journal

I got an e-mail notification from a journal published by Elsevier that my article was now available at the journal website. However when I clicked on the link in the e-mail, I was taken to a site that advised me that would have to pay $31.50 to obtain my article.

Undeterred, I next entered the journal website going through my University library, which has a subscription. I obtained access to the article, but apparently the website now has a mechanism to prevent me from downloading the article when I am not identified by IP address as being at my University office.

Undeterred, I found that I could print the article and so I hit “print” and used tinyPDF to obtain a PDF.

if I wasn’t already persuaded, this annoying experience would convince me to oppose current legislation in the U.S. Congress that threatens open access publishing.