Formal request to PLOS One to issue an Expression of Concern for PACE cost-effectiveness study


klaasKudos to Dutch research biologist Klaas van Dijk. for his letter to PLOS One:

Dear Editors of PLOS One,

Attached is a formal letter from King’s College in London (UK) in which it is stated that King’s College in London is unwilling to release to Professor James Coyne (in cc) the primary research data of

Such a refusal to give other researchers access to the raw research data of a published paper is a clear violation of your own rules in regard to free access to all primary research data of papers published in PLOS ONE for other researchers (so including Professor Coyne of the University of Groningen, The Netherlands [RUG]).

I therefore suggest you immediately issue an Expression of Concern attached to the paper in which it is clearly articulated why you have concerns about this paper. I also suggest the paper be retracted if Professor Coyne has not received full access to all raw research data of within one month.

See also

See for the consequences in the Netherlands when researchers at RUG are unwilling to share raw research data, published in a PhD thesis, to others.

Thanks in advance for a response in which you indicate how you have decided to respond.

Best wishes,

common eidier

Common Eider

Klaas van Dijk / Groningen / The Netherlands /