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James C. Coyne, PhD has written over 400 papers and chapters, and was recently designated one of the 200 most eminent psychologists of the second half of the 20th century.

James C. Coyne, PhD

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Conflicts of interest in Cochrane reports on psychological interventions

Recently I was honored to join an esteemed group of international colleagues in writing to the Cochrane about the Collaboration’s inattention to conflicts of interest in reviews of psychotherapeutic interventions. The Collaboration has been particularly lax in dealing with conflicts of interest with respect to psychological interventions for “chronic fatigue syndrome” and medically unexplained symptoms. […]

Saving oneself from the clutches of a predatory journal: A case study

An author submitted a manuscript in response to an email offering quick peer review. No fee was mention. The manuscript was quickly accepted, but the author received a hefty bill and no reviews. What happened next...